Product Advantages

Durable from the inside out


  • High Torque
  • High Bearing

Drift Free Positioning

  • Zero Internal Leakage
  • Smooth Operation
  • No External Brake Required

Backdrives in Overload Conditions

  • Hydraulic Fuse
  • Prevents Mechanical Damage


  • High Power Density
  • Fits Tight Spaces

Streamline Design

  • Eliminates Linkages and Bearings
  • Reduced Bill of Materials


  • Suitable for Harsh Environments
  • Moving Parts Enclosed

Service & Spares

Yarl Hydracentre can provide Helac spares and service kits including seal and bearing kits. We offer a remanufacturing service from our Barrow and Workington workshops.

Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730


Helac Selection Guide

Easily select which product line best suits your application


Rotary Actuators






Helac L10

Helac L20

Helac L30

Helac T20

Comparison Compact Medium Duty Standard Duty Heavy Duty Higher Cycle
Number of Models 5 5 8 3
Rotation 180° or 360° 180° 180° or 360° 200°/220°
Max Drive Torque* 339Nm to 2,825Nm 509Nm to 4,407Nm 1,921Nm to 24,295Nm 2,825Nm to 6,780Nm
Max Holding Torque* 1243Nm to 9,379Nm 1,333Nm to 10,532Nm 4,927Nm to 58,760Nm 6,125Nm to 14,351Nm
Max Straddle Moment* 1,017Nm to 11,300Nm 2,543Nm to 31,640Nm 13,447Nm to 170,065Nm 4,238Nm to 10,170Nm
Max Cantilever Moment* 1,017Nm to 11,300Nm 1,356 to 15,820Nm 5,187Nm to 72,885Nm N/A
Mounting Flange Foot Foot/Flange Foot