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Tungum Facts

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Did you know that Tungum Alloy tubing has over 4 to 6 times the life expectancy of stainless steel when used in marine applications and is compatible with all industry accepted fittings?


Specified for sea water systems, such as impulse lines in nuclear power plants, because of its resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, Tungum's unique properties provide advantages in many other applications over stainless steel.    

Tungum Alloy Tubing (Aluminium-Nickel-Silicon-brass) combines excellent corrosion resistance, unusually high strength to weight ratio, ductility, and first class fatigue properties.

Highly resistant to sea water and its atmosphere, Tungum resists both stress and crevice corrosion to offer outstanding serviceability. Tungum's superior corrosion resistance provides 4-6 times the serviceable life compared to stainless steel.

Non-magnetic and non-sparking properties make Tungum invaluable in piping high pressure gases, particularly oxygen where the material's thermal conductivity/ diffusivity characteristics virtually eliminate the potential dangers. Tungam is the material of choice for oxygen and hyperbaric applications.

Tungum Alloy is also a cryogenic material, suitable for chemical engineering and low temperature processes. Its corrosion resistance often enables its use in conveying fluids and gasses containing corrosive elements.

Compatible with all industry accepted tube fittings, providing installation times up to one third of the time to install a stainless steel system, Tungum is a material to be considered for your piping applications.

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