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From Concept Design to Supply Chain Management

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Using fluid power components and assemblies in your product range?  Have no internal fluid power product or system design skills? Working in partnership with your design and procurement teams Yarl Hydracentre can fill that skills gap.

Yarl Hydracentre, backed by major fluid power component suppliers, are able to provide support to your new and current product development.

Our experienced procurement and engineering team can interpret your product needs, understand product differentiators, cost constraints and critical operating environments. We work with your team to optimise the fluid power component selection and system design.

ManifoldTypical benefits we can offer include the simplification of circuit design and sub assemblies eliminating reliability risks imposed by connectors, fittings and joints. Manifold mounted components simplify production, reduce cost and improve reliability. Yarl Hydracentre can assist in the provision of these solutions and deliver fully tested sub assemblies to your production line.


 Supply of component sub assemblies or kits can significantly reduce the number of components you manage, therefore reduce the number of suppliers, assembly and inspection / fault finding activities allowing you to focus on your core products and processes.  Kits can be delivered to suit your production volumes, inspected, bagged and labelled with your part numbers.

Competitive advantage is often difficult to achieve if you operate in a market where everyone uses the same standard components. Yarl Hydracentre can assist you in achieving that advantage by providing you with a differentiator whether it is cost, compact solution, technical performance or all three. We work closely with fluid power component manufacturers taking their standard components and with their assistance provide you with a unique component with at its core is their reliable proven technology. 



This valve was developed for operating train doors. Using Univer's patented 'mixed spool' technology to ensure long life and eliminate the possibility of sticking.


CylinderUniver's 'direct acting' solenoid valves and quick exhaust valves have been built into the body of this cylinder developed to change gears for formula 3000 racing cars.



Whether providing simple sub assembly kits consisting of multiple small components or providing product and system design Yarl Hydracentre can offer you services providing your products and production lines with a competitive advantage. For further information on these services please call....

Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730

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