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Short Lead Time Stainless Steel Cylinders

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In conjunction with our partners UNIVER, Yarl Hydracentre is able to offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders for standard and bespoke applications.

The modular design and flexible UK manufacturing facility mean ISO stainless steel cylinders can be delivered to you in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Yarl Hydracentre engineers are available to survey your application and develop bespoke solutions using the UNIVER product range. Manufactured from 304 and 316L stainless steel, the modular components can be modified and assembled providing unique mounting conditions, strokes, rod ends and ports to suit your application or replace existing standard, special or obsolete cylinders.

This range of cylinders is particularly suited to food industry machines, caustic or harsh environments and for chemical or pharmaceutical applications manufactured with ATEX approval. In addition to the carefully selected materials; precision machining, seal, bearing and 'Clean Line' design features are offered to provide reliable operation in these applications.


MB_Inner_Box_GradientMB Series Cylinders

Manufactured to order, in either 304 or 316L stainless steel, MB series cylinders are designed for applications which require a completely 'clean-line' design with zero crevices.

MS Series Cylinders

These high speed low noise microbore stainless steel cylinders are manufactured to ISO 6432. The long life and high performance characteristics of this cylinder are achieved by using nitrile rubber buffer rings in the piston and a polyurethane wiper seal

KB_imageKB Series Cylinders

Also manufactured in either 304 or 316L stainless steel, KB series cylinders are designed to withstand tough conditions associated with handling and washing processes found in applications such as keg handling in the brewing industry.

The front end cap utilises a patented nose bearing technology which incorporates a floating rubber bush and a non-metal contact bearing, all in one component. The floating bush allows the piston rod to move up to 4° whilst supporting the piston rod. This feature allows for fixture misalignment, which is a common cause of failure within conventional cylinders.

KS Series Cylinders

Manufactured to ISO 6431 these 316L stainless steel cylinders are available with a short lead time. Added strength is provided by the tie rod construction with clean line castings eliminating contamination traps. The removable nose bearing allows maintenance of the piston rod seals, bearing and wiper seal without disassembling the cylinder.

KB_Trunnion_close_upHeavy Duty

Both the MB and KB series cylinders are manufactured from solid bar and precision machined for maximum strength. Thicker than average barrel material is used, with integral surfaces honed to provide long seal life. All mounting brackets are machined from solid bar.


Whilst MB and KB cylinders are manufactured from solid bar, the end cap mounting dimensions are left blank to allow modification of the dimensions, in accordance with many different standards worldwide. This feature allows us to directly interchange with all types of cylinder, even obsolete designs. Yarl Hydracentre offers free of charge on-site surveys to verify dimensional data prior to manufacture


 KB_Nose_BushAbrasive Substances Protection

For applications where residue is deposited, particularly sugar based residue, the unique scraper seal fitted into the front end cap of the KB series cylinders provides added protection against bearing seizure. The scraper seal is produced from a special rubber compound, unlike most conventional scrapers, which are produced from plastics. The Univer scraper seal is extremely hard and very resilient to abrasion, resisting wear caused by abrasive substances such as sugar or powders.

KB_Inner_Box_GradientSpecial Models

Univer are renowned for manufacturing bespoke pneumatic cylinder solutions. The designs include 'fully cushioned' centre position cylinders, to minimise shock and noise levels, and extended 'self lubricating' nose bearings to withstand high impact loads. Recent developments include the introduction of a unique 316 stainless steel cylinder fitted with a 'sealed' mechanical locking head. This device has been used to control the movement of product on a conveyor, firmly holding each unit within a wash-fill station. The cylinders are electronically controlled to remotely alter operational stroke, allowing different sized products to be used on the same conveyor, thus reducing costly set-up times. The stroke adjustment feature also reduces the cylinder travel time, which increases performance by enabling higher cycle speed.

KB_Cylinder_Close_up_topCylinder for Life Guarantee

KB series cylinders have been designed using the highest quality materials for rugged, caustic, wash-down use. All rubber parts and bearings are replaceable including cushion needle valve and seals. The lifetime guarantee covers the end caps, barrel, piston rod and piston, providing the ultimate ecological product. Cylinders are identified by laser etched part number and production date code, to withstand rigorous clean down operations.

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