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Yarl Hydracentre Contributes Towards Productivity Improvements

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Chipping__DebarkingThe implementation of Yarl Hydracentre's 'Through Life Support' process has contributed towards further productivity improvements at a major Cumbria based forest products facility. The debarking, chipping and packaging machines are all critical to their continuous high output process and all use hydraulic systems as the primary power source. The improvements have been realised through a reduction in unplanned machinery breakdowns and increasing output as a result of selecting fluid power systems to meet the customer's requirements and the machinery configuration.

Working closely with our management and maintenance teams, Yarl Hydracentre have developed a process of regular machinery inspection and planned maintenance routines. Regular reporting from  Yarl Hydracentre provides the customer's management team with the information they require to plan their maintenance intervals and budgets.

Yarl Hydracentre have taken responsibility for the system inspection and fluid power maintenance activities. Regular monitoring of the plant enables Yarl Hydracentre engineers to draw conclusions and make recommendations to improve the fluid power system reliability.

Like most fluid power systems, the primary causes of system failure are contamination of the fluid and excess heat. Yarl Hydracentre measured and identified the root cause of fluid contamination, then implemented system design changes and maintenance routines to prevent and maintain control of the system fluid cleanliness. Excess heat levels were measured and rather than adding cooling systems, Yarl Hydracentre identified the root cause of the problem, implementing circuit and component design changes to prevent the creation of heat and, in this case, with the added bonus of improved cycle time.

The 'Through Life Support' process combines the three core competences of Yarl Hydracentre with a fourth competence, collaboration.    

                             Engineering_CompetenceFluid Power EngineeringManagement_CompetenceManagement & MaintenanceComponent_CompetenceComponent Supply


Through gaining an understanding of our cusomers requirements, business development drivers and our awareness of the fluid power supply chain, Yarl Hydracentre are able to deliver benefits of improved operating performance, greater maintenance cost effectiveness, greater safety & environmental integrity and prolonged component life.

Yarl Hydracentre adding value, providing solutions and innovation with accountability and ownership.

For further details of our 'Through Life Support Services' please contact Yarl Hydracentre

Workington 01900 734 730

Barrow 01229 845 560

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Yarl Hydracentre Introduce Modular Valve Build in Cumbria

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ModuleYarl Hydracentre have introduced a pneumatic valve build service via their Barrow branch, offering a wide range of valves with immediate delivery.

By locally stocking the modular components, Yarl Hydracentre can offer almost any configuration of 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 valve from stock.

This new service provides our customers with the renowned benefits of the UNIVER CL-CM product range incorporating the UNIVER spool system with low friction seals to prevent sticking and increased valve life with the added benefits of quick turn around, wide range, reduced down time, and no delivery charges.


 3/2, 5/2, and 5/3 pneumatic valves in G1/8" and G 1/4" sizes can now be assembled with a wide range of actuator configurations. Manual, mechanical, pneumatic and electric controls are available with pneumatic and mechanical spring return options.

The comprehensive stock of the modular components can also be used to perform repairs to existing UNIVER valves from this product range. For example, the replacement of worn or damaged mechanical actuators and levers.

The investment in this new service includes staff training and the installation of a dedicated test rig to verify the functionality and ensure the stringent UNIVER quality standards are achieved for all valves assembled at Yarl Hydracentre.


For further details of the valve building service and other products and services from the UNIVER range, please contact Yarl Hydracentre:


Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730

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Managing Hydraulic Fluid Contamination Levels

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Most fluid power component manufacturers know the proportionate effect that increased dirt level has on the performance of their components, and issue maximum permissible contamination levels. They state that operating components on fluids which are cleaner than those stated will increase life.

The ability of a fluid power component to operate with a fluid of a certain contamination level depends upon its internal clearances and ability to operate with deterioration of these internal surfaces.

Fluid contamination levels are determined by counting and assessing the size of contamination particles per millilitre of the fluid.  This can be achieved using a laser particle analyser. There are a number of cleanliness reporting formats, the preferred method is defined by ISO 4406:1999 which generates a three digit code reporting from the left, the number of particles larger than 4 microns, the number of particles larger than 6 microns and the number of particles larger than 14 microns. Eg 19/17/14.

Typical manufacturer's recommendations for component cleanliness using the ISO 4406:1999 scale are:


Most 'closed loop' fluid power systems are susceptible to fluid contamination as a result of component internal wear and more commonly as a result of ingress through the reservoir filler port. Ineffective reservoir breathers, cross contamination from oil decanters, open oil containers can all contribute to the degradation of the system fluid. Even new oil can exhibit contaminant levels not recommended for many industrial systems.

Yarl Hydracentre offers a number of services to assist in the management of your system hydraulic fluid all focused upon improving component life, system reliability and reducing operating costs.

We have laser particle analysers capable of measuring the fluid contamination levels and use the data from these instruments to provide advice on the selection of effective filtration systems. We will work with you to develop maintenance strategies to ensure your systems remain within the manufacturers recommended guidelines.

If excessive contamination is identified we can further analyse the oil to determine what materials the contamination particles consist of. This analysis can be used to identify which system components are degrading. This information can be used to plan maintenance activities or identify critical spares.


untitledYarl Hydracentre can provide tools and products to minimise the ingress of contaminants and a flushing service to reduce the contamination levels of systems with dirty fluid. 






 We can also install laser particle analysers permanently into your fluid power systems, which will continuously monitor fluid contamination levels over a period of months. The data is presented on a display and logged within the instrument. This data can be downloaded to your PC for analysis, or as a record of process capability. 




  Contact Yarl Hydracentre for further advice on fluid contamination measurement, your fluid power system minimum permissible contaminant levels and fluid contamination management.

Barrow: 01229 845 560
Workington: 01900 734 730
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Application Focused Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

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There is more to hydraulic flexible hoses than a rubber reinforced tube designed to withstand a specified fluid pressure. Real applications impose space constraints, extreme environmental conditions, high fatigue, caustic fluids and impulse loads all of which can contribute towards reduced hose life and hose assembly safety. Other constraints, such as toxicity, when exposed to heat or flame are important factors to be considered.


The conditions imposed by these applications can be addressed through skilled selection of specialist hose material and end connections, providing safe hose assemblies with longevity. Yarl Hydracentre provide a hose assembly specification service and, in conjunction with their hose manufacturing partner Manuli, can offer the most suitable hose product for your specific application.

Manuli hydraulics produce a wide range of hose materials in response to specific industry requirements

  • Flexible high pressure lines for constrained installations
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Superior ozone resistance
  • High temperature and high heat resistance
  • High weather and UV resistance
  • MSHA approved flame retardant cover

Yarl Hydracentre's industry experience and extensive knowledge of this product range can realise the safety and hose life benefits offered by these products to a wide range of applications. 

Product PresentationsShieldmaster 


Mining, abrasion resistance & low temperatures 




 Quarrying and earth moving




Water blasting applications




High temperature applications



Contact Yarl Hydracentre:

Our engineers are available to provide hose selection advice by phone at our trade counters and on your site.
Barrow: 01229 845 560
Workington: 01900 734 730
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