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Foreign Material Exclusion Pipe Cutting

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Pipe maintenance and construction work in nuclear and fossil power plants, pipelines, oil platforms, petrochemical plants and refineries as well as shipbuilding pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other high purity piping applications, are often presented with the challenge of cutting and preparing installed pipes without ingress of contamination into the pipe bore. Conventional methods, depositing material onto the internal surface of the pipe, result in expensive system strip or flushing operations to prevent damage to valves and pumps.

Pipe_CuttingYarl Hydracentre are able to offer a solution to this challenge, allowing process pipes to be cut using a technology which displaces the pipe wall material and ultimately severing the work piece. The solution employs a portable cutting machine which clamps around the pipe and drives a cutting head around the circumference of the pipe. Modular tooling is mounted on the cutting head providing conventional radial parting tools, chipless cutting and weld preparation of the cut pipe. Axial modules can be applied to the machine to remove the weld from socket fittings allowing their dis-assembly.

Split_RingThe split frame design allows the machines to be mounted onto complete pipe assemblies. 12 standard models are available to cut, bevel and counter bore pipe from 50mm - 1200mm outside diameter.

Cutting_WheelForeign Material Exclusion (FME) cutting utilises a sharp edge wheel that orbits around a work piece while inward pressure is applied to displace material and ultimately sever the work piece. FME is used for applications where chip debris cannot be tolerated. This technology is used in hot cells, high purity settings, and for decommissioning of chemical agents and munitions.

For further information on pipe cutting solutions or  to purchase or hire this technology contact:


Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730

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Real Time Fluid Power System Simulation

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Engineering_CompetenceEngineers at Yarl Hydracentre have introduced a software package providing real time fluid power circuit simulation.

This tool provides our engineers with the ability to simulate a fluid power system performance, verifying the circuit design at the very early stages of development. Multiple design options can be reviewed to provide customers with the optimum solution, the output from the simulator used to communicate the options with customers clearly demonstrates the benefits of each scenario.

The simulation allows our engineers to manipulate system inputs and analyse the resulting system performance. It is particularly useful on complex circuits where the dynamic performance of one element may affect the performance of associated elements.

The data base within the software contains performance characteristics for most proprietary pumps, motors, valves and filters, such that the circuit design is accurately represented and simulated.

The software is particularly useful for verifying internal flow rates, confirming the velocities of motors and cylinders assisting with the justification of pump capacities.

Click on the following link for a simulator demonstration   

Safety Case Analysis

In real time we are able to fully simulate the operation of a circuit, demonstrating all modes of operation, including scenarios not planned as part of the equipment function. This feature is particularly useful for safety case analysis, identifying operational risk well in advance of prototype development. The documented simulation can be used to clearly communicate risk analysis to groups not without the end user. 


Yarl Hydracentre have used the simulator to verify the synchronisation of hydraulic motors mounted to a food processing mill operating under a number of load and no load conditions, verification of accumulator performance and verification of cylinder performance, taking into account the oil flow rates through extended complex pipe runs.


By reverse engineering existing fluid power systems, creating a simulation which is a true representation of real systems, the simulator can then be used to identify the root cause of poor performance of problematic circuits. The diagnostic tools within the simulator enable our engineers to measure pressure and flow at any selected points within the circuit. Quickly providing data required for fault diagnosis. No need to add additional test points to real systems.

The software allows the generation of conventional schematic drawings using internationally recognised symbols and can be presented as a record of the circuit design.   

For further information about Yarl Hydracentre's engineering, diagnostic and consultancy services contact:


Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730

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Remote Monitoring Contributes Towards Improvements in Process Performance

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OX-000Yarl Hydracentre have introduced a remote monitoring system at the Barrow-in-Furness site of an electronic development and manufacturing business providing 24 hour diagnostic and fault reporting to the off-site maintenance teams.

This technology can be applied to any fluid power system collecting data from pressure, temperature, flow, oil condition and many other sensors and is capable of transmitting data regularly to Yarl Hydracentre's engineers for analysis. By monitoring key parameters on a regular basis, Yarl Hydracentre are able to provide our customers with reassurance that their fluid power and related systems are functioning correctly between major services and eliminating the need for site visits for interim system inspection. Typically the optimisation of filter change intervals ensures that filters are neither operating in bypass mode or being changed too frequently.

The system will provide customers with the peace of mind that their critical systems are being regularly monitored, and maintenance regimes adjusted according to system condition and use.

Yarl Hydracentre has applied their 'Through Life Support' principles at their customer's facility to address reliability challenges being experienced with an automated furnace. The furnace and its associated pallet conveyor is a critical part of the production facility and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week under a lights out principle. Failure of the conveyor system for an extended period will result in overheating and damage to high value components plus the loss of a production batch impacting upon many other subsequent processes.

ConveyorIn conjunction with the customer's production engineers, Yarl Hydracentre analysed the furnace and its related processes, identifying the critical and high risk elements, implementing component and system changes to reduce risk of failure. Under a through life support contract, regular monitoring has verified the benefits of the changes and identified areas for further development.

The initial diagnostics identified sensors which did not provide consistent output and plc software with poor diagnostic capability. Yarl Hydracentre selected and installed alternative sensors, made complementary sequence changes and installed a new operator interface. Software was developed for the operator interface recording data from the process inputs and displays this on a diagnostic screen such that the Oxley maintenance teams are presented with a system mimic showing the status of all components plus a log of all fault conditions.

 The new system has been configured with mobile phone connectivity, sending text messages to the external maintenance teams in the event of a system reported fault. This provides the customer's management team with the information required to assign the appropriate resource to address the fault condition expediently, and allowing recovery of the valuable product from the oven.

For further information on Yarl Hydracentre's 'Through Life Support' services and remote system monitoring tools, please contact:

Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730

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Hydraulic Accumulator Recondition & Re-Certification Service

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Bladder_AccumulatorHydraulic accumulators have many beneficial applications within industrial fluid power systems; reducing power requirements, providing energy reserves, absorbing pressure surges and maintaining constant pressures. Regular maintenance to ensure correct operation of accumulators is essential to maintaining system performance, overall efficiency, lower running and maintenance costs and, most importantly, system safety.

Yarl Hydracentre have been providing advice on accumulator applications and providing reconditioning services for many years. Working in conjunction with QHP, now part of Hydac International, Yarl Hydracentre's services are backed up by the comprehensive services offered from these two specialists in accumulator design and manufacture.

Piston_AccumulatorYarl Hydracentre's reconditioning services extend to the resealing of piston accumulators and the replacement of rubber goods within bladder accumulators. We have a specially designed test chamber to perform volumetric expansion testing of bladder accumulator shells necessary for recertification, as defined by an accumulator's written scheme of examination.

With the assistance of our supply chain partners, QHP and Hydac, we are able to offer an extensive range of carbon steel and stainless bladder, piston, diaphragm type hydraulic accumulators.

Bladder_SectionStandard bladder type hydraulic accumulators range in capacity from 1 ltr to 50 ltr with a maximum working pressure of 420 bar manufactured in accordance with BSEN14359:2006 and PED97-23-EC. Non-standard products are also available for higher pressure, corrosive environments and aggressive fluids.


Piston_SectionStandard piston type accumulators range in capacity from 0.5 ltr to 80 ltr with maximum working pressures of 250, 350 and 420 bar manufactured in accordance with BSEN14359:2006 and PED97-23-EC. Piston accumulators can be manufactured for pressures up to, and above 1000 bar, and options are available in stainless steel.

Non standard options are available manufactured to PD5500 and ASME VIII Div 1, please contact us for further information.

StationAccumulator Stations

We can design and supply fully assembled accumulator stations as an individual accumulator unit or in a back up bottle version with nitrogen bottles to increase the effective volume. These stations are ready for operation, complete with all necessary valve controls, ball valves and safety device. The modular construction of the accumulator station enables us to incorporate all your requirements.

Accumulator Selection Service

Yarl Hydracentre's engineering group are available to assist with the selection of accumulator products to suit your particular application. We can advise on fluid power circuit design to provide improvements power reduction, providing energy reserves, absorbing pressure surges, minimising pump pressure surges and maintenance of constant system pressure providing you with cost effective, low maintenance systems with longevity. Circuit design can be verified and communicated to you and your team using our real time fluid power circuit simulation software and we have access to further simulators for the calculation of accumulator volumes.

For further information on Yarl Hydracentre's accumulator reconditioning, selection, sales and circuit design services , please contact:

Workington 01900 734 730

Barrow 01229 845 560

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