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Yarl Hydracentre Partner With Ingersol Rand

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Yarl Hydracentre is pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with Ingersoll Rand, to provide energy saving compressed air solutions, service and support.

Yarl Hydracentre offer sales and service support for the range of piston compressors, fixed speed rotary screw compressors, variable speed screw compressors, filters, water separators and refrigerated dryers.

Rotary_Screw_Compr_w19FDFFThe new 2.2 KW to 5.5 KW rotary screw compressor is the ideal choice for applications such as automotive, paint shops, fabrication shops and general light industry applications, where their initial value is immediately visible in terms of lower energy costs – typically 15% to 20% less than required by reciprocating compressors, compact design virtually able to fit anywhere and the low noise feature of the screw design.

The variable speed rotary screw range of compressors provide further energy savings, up to 35%, by balancing the driven speed with the demand for pressure and flow. This provides a soft start allowing many start/stop operations without the risk of overheating, for part load conditions the variable speed drive avoids load cycling matching the input power to the real time demand, all provided by a high efficiency induction motor.

Future Proof Solutions

To reduce initial capital costs, but provide customers with capacity for growth, the variable speed range of compressors can be upgraded with the application of an ‘Intellikey’ upgrade package. This provides increased power output without the need for major component change. Power upgrades from 5.5KW - 11KW, 15KW - 18KW and 22KW - 30KW are available using the upgrade package.

D_EC_Brochure_photoIn addition to the rotary screw compressors, the Ingersoll Rand range includes lightweight workshop compressors and, for heavy industrial applications where reliability and efficiency are important issues, compressors with cast iron pumps.

Compressors are available with or without receivers, dryers and filter systems or as total air systems (TAS) providing all these features in a single compact unit.


For further information on the range of compressed air solutions from Yarl Hydracentre contact...

                                                                                      Barrow: 01229 845 560

               Workington: 01900 734 730

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Innovative Project

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100_0123Yarl Hydracentre is proud to have played a key role in an innovative civil engineering project developed and executed by the main contractor, BAM Nuttall. The award winning project to remove the last level crossing on the west coast rail line was successfully completed with minimal disruption to rail traffic.

The level crossing at Tipton in the west midlands has been replaced by a two lane road tunnel passing through the railway embankment, just under the level of the rails. The 5000 tonne tunnel was pushed into place over a three day period culminating in the replacement of the rails and operation of the busy line. 


Yarl Hydracentre, in conjunction with BAM Nuttall, designed and manufactured the hydraulic power unit used to push the complete tunnel structure 50m from its construction site adjacent to the embankment. The technique is known as box jacking. The completed tunnel structure sits on a low friction foundation, which also forms the reaction block from which three sets of six hydraulic cylinders drive the completed tunnel structure forward into the embankment. As the tunnel structure moves forward the embankment material is excavated away.

One of the key attributes of the Yarl Hydracentre design were to provide a compact self contained power unit offering a number of risk reducing features. The jacking process had to be completed and this rail line, key to the UK rail network, had to be active again in just three days. At the heart of the power unit was just a single 37KW pump set capable of moving the vast 5000 Tonne structure alone. This was backed up by a second 37KW unit in case the first failed. A third 75 KW pump set was employed, capable of generating 700 Bar at the full flow rate of 40L/min. This unit was selected to generate additional force in the event of the embankment material closing in on the structure in mid push.


Yarl Hydracentre technicians supported the whole continuous 3 day and night box jacking process ensuring the structure maintained constant progress. We are pleased to say, although many modes of failure were considered and the risks mitigated, the power unit performed to plan only requiring the single 37KW pump set to generate the motion.

The power unit was designed and manufactured at the Yarl Hydracentre facility in Barrow in Furness, the three sets of nine hydraulic cylinders used to generate the thrust had been used on previous box jacking projects and were reconditioned by Yarl Hydracentre. The complete power unit and cylinder set was tested in Barrow prior to shipping to the Tipton site.

For further information on engineering services from Yarl Hydracentre please contact    


Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730

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Filtration Partnership Maintaining Optimum Fluid Condition

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 ICMSupported by our filtration partner, MP Filtri, Yarl Hydracentre has the expertise to provide your hydraulic filtration needs. Whether for the supply of replacement filter elements, the selection of new filtration systems for existing or new hydraulic systems, Yarl Hydracentre are able to provide you with the support required.

Our technical teams have the skills and monitoring tools to measure system contamination levels, assess the performance of the filtration systems and develop filtration systems and filtration maintenance strategies to support your critical fluid power systems ensuring the fluids remain in optimum condition between major services. 


This local support provided by Yarl Hydracentre is reinforced by our partner, MP Filtri, a growing developer and manufacturer of filtration and related products. Over the last five years MP Filtri has made significant investment in their new European facility, integrating their manufacturing and assembly processes such that they can take advantage of their flexible modular designs.

In_LineAll critical components are manufactured in house. This includes an aluminium foundry providing control of quality castings using the latest pressure die cast technology and reliable supply of castings bypassing this traditionally inflexible supply chain.

Further component control is maintained within the machine shop, which houses a mix of dedicated rotary transfer machines for the high volume components, and flexible robot loaded CNC machines supporting the latest integrated modular product designs.

Component parts are managed in the fully automated warehouse and released to the production areas for final filter assembly able to react quickly to customer demands.


Investment in the new filter element assembly machines which accept the latest element materials support current and future product development. This development is supported by a comprehensive laboratory providing a facility to develop and verify filter and element designs, qualifying these to international standards. Test rigs perform long term pressure cycle tests on both filter housings and elements.  

The result of the integrated manufacturing facilities, processes and product design are quality, high performance flexible products supporting innovative filtration solutions for a multitude of applications.



For further details on Yarl Hydracentre’s hydraulic filtration products and services please contact:


Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730

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Tungum Facts

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Did you know that Tungum Alloy tubing has over 4 to 6 times the life expectancy of stainless steel when used in marine applications and is compatible with all industry accepted fittings?


Specified for sea water systems, such as impulse lines in nuclear power plants, because of its resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, Tungum's unique properties provide advantages in many other applications over stainless steel.    

Tungum Alloy Tubing (Aluminium-Nickel-Silicon-brass) combines excellent corrosion resistance, unusually high strength to weight ratio, ductility, and first class fatigue properties.

Highly resistant to sea water and its atmosphere, Tungum resists both stress and crevice corrosion to offer outstanding serviceability. Tungum's superior corrosion resistance provides 4-6 times the serviceable life compared to stainless steel.

Non-magnetic and non-sparking properties make Tungum invaluable in piping high pressure gases, particularly oxygen where the material's thermal conductivity/ diffusivity characteristics virtually eliminate the potential dangers. Tungam is the material of choice for oxygen and hyperbaric applications.

Tungum Alloy is also a cryogenic material, suitable for chemical engineering and low temperature processes. Its corrosion resistance often enables its use in conveying fluids and gasses containing corrosive elements.

Compatible with all industry accepted tube fittings, providing installation times up to one third of the time to install a stainless steel system, Tungum is a material to be considered for your piping applications.

To learn more about what great engineering & cost saving benefits Tungum Alloy has to offer, please contact Yarl Hydracentre on:

Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730

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