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Yarl Hydracentre in partnership with Helac Corporation

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We are pleased to announce that we are now supplying Helac Rotary Actuators, with the capabilities to provide service and maintenance. Both Yarl Hydracentre and Helac strive to provide high quality, cost effective solutions for our customers and together will be offering application advice, full rotary actuator warranties and actuator refurbishment service.

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Helac rotary actuators are designed to replace multiple components and function as a rotating device, mounting bracket and bearing all in one. Helac's innovative sliding spline operation technology converts linear piston motion into powerful shaft rotation.


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Helac rotary actuators offer simple and cost effective solutions to move, support and position rotating loads in countless applications, see here for more product information..............

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On the 7th November Yarl Hydracentre will be presenting innovative fluid power products and diagnostic services at SciTech, Sellafield’s largest science, technology & innovation exhibition. The exhibition is held on the Sellafield site and is open to valid Sellafield pass holders, designed to introduce new technologies and innovation to the engineering teams based on the Sellafield site.

The exhibits will include energy efficient water hydraulic systems including the revolutionary variable displacement hydraulic pump from the Water Hydraulics Company. These products provide system control not normally associated with water hydraulic systems eliminating the need for large banks of accumulators and back up bottles.

ICM_retouched_paintedThe diagnostic system exhibits will feature fluid contamination measurement systems including a new product capable of operating in circuits and systems with variable or no system pressure, parameters which normally present unreliable data acquisition conditions.

Proportional control valves are now employed on many fluid power systems. Control intelligence is moving from the plc control to on board the proportional valve. This means system diagnosis is no longer possible from the process control systems alone. Yarl Hydracentre will be presenting diagnostic tools which interrogate the proportional valve, its on board control systems and the input signals to the valve. This diagnostic technology enables the input signals to be directly related to the valve spool position. Faulty valves can be identified instantly, no need to remove and return the manufacturer for analysis, system commissioning is accurate and efficient.

DataloggerGraphYarl Hydracentre offer these diagnostic tools in addition to pressure, flow and temperature data logging systems for your own maintenance team's use or integrate them into new and existing fluid power systems. Alternatively as part of our complete system diagnostic service our engineers can provide informative and efficient analysis of your processes and fluid power systems.


 For further information on innovative products and services from Yarl Hydracentre or the Sellafield Scitech exhibition please contact Yarl Hydracentre:

Barrow 01229 845 560


Workington 01900 734 730


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Fluid Power Supply Chain Solutions

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Sub_Assy_WorkstationYarl Hydracentre has expanded to accommodate a new development in fluid power component and service supply from our Barrow facility.

Over the last two years we have been assisting a major defence contractor in the development of a fluid power system assembly.

As a direct result of the successful development, we were awarded the contract to supply the kit of parts representing the fluid power elements of this design.

The new contract involves supplying 1,000 units of pump and pipe assemblies over 20 months with the first units delivered in August 2012.

At our Barrow facility we have invested in a new production area which has been developed for the inspection, cleaning and testing of component kits. This new production area is designed to accommodate a range of low to medium volume part kitting processes for fluid power components and component assemblies.

Our success in securing this contract is a direct result of our ability to provide customers with fluid power technical advice, our knowledge of the fluid power supply chain and our professional approach to problem solving.  

During the development stage of the project, we offered advice on the fluid system design, presented alternative components for appraisal and designed test rigs for the development and extensive test phases of the project.

The Yarl Hydracentre capabilities extend to component rationalisation, sub assembly design and manufacture, providing customers with well engineered hydraulic and pneumatic solutions tested and presented, ready for delivery directly to the customer’s production facility.

For further information on Yarl Hydracentre’s solutions for production contact:


Barrow 01229 845 560


Workington 01900 734 730


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Totally Oil Free & Safe For People, Processes & Products

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variable3As a result of using advanced materials, high velocity and loaded sliding surfaces can operate effectively with water as their only coolant and lubricant. The potential for cross contamination of the system fluid or lubricating oil is removed.

Employing this technology, the Water Hydraulics Company offer an advanced range of water hydraulic pumps.

These pumps are unique in water hydraulic technology in that they offer variable displacement output controlled by electronic, hydraulic or mechanical actuators.

Constant pressure control is achieved, matching the pump output to the demand, by automatically trimming the displacement as a function of the pre-set pressure by an internal relief valve.

System efficiencies, not normally achieved in fixed displacement water hydraulic pumps, can be achieved using the load sensing control where the output is trimmed to offer the flow required by the actuator.

Traditional methods of improving the efficiency of fixed displacement pumps, such as energy storage in accumulators are no longer required, removing the high capital and maintenance costs associated with these units. The result is cost efficient, controllable and compact pump solution.

Pumps are available capable of generating a maximum continuous pressure of 160 Bar, with maximum flow rates of 110 l/min (29KW) and 330 L/min (88KW).

power_pack_1A standard range of bell housings and couplings are available for connecting the pumps to the B5 electric motor flange.

For further information on water hydraulic systems contact Yarl Hydracentre:

Barrow 01229 845 560

Workington 01900 734 730


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